Kevin also revealed he is not much of a foodie so that goes well for him and sticking to his diet is easy. The key to a healthy and fit lifestyle is healthy food. Ride Along When it comes to sports entertainment, the University has a distinct advantage because of UH athletics marketing director Robert Boudwin, who recently got to showcase some of the behind-the-scenes of being a mascot on a national stage when he was on Kevin Hart’s YouTube show, “What the Fit,” which aired on April 9. Kevin Hart is back with a new season of "What the Fit", in which the comedian is joined by celebrities and athletes for a variety of sports-themed activities. Kevin Hart and Emma Chamberlain Joke About Their Morning Routines on 'What the Fit' (Exclusive) News Why Kevin Hart Isn't Afraid to Tackle NSFW Topics on His Radio Show (Exclusive) However, if your goal is to actually change the world, you need to broaden the tent to fit in as many people as possible. advertisement. Watch the trailer below! The ensemble cast all fit their roles, but Kevin Hart is one of the most standout characters in Think Like a Man: He has some of the most memorable lines and moments in the movie. Kevin Hart’s Diet Plan. My dear friend, Rebel Wilson, earned her yellow belt while training on my show Kevin Hart: What The Fit.While still no match for me, she is the nunchuck master of our generation and is respected greatly within the community of Kevin Hart Karate Masters. His diet majorly consists of foods rich in protein. Kevin tries to keep his meals as nutritious as possible. Since 2014, Kevin Hart dedicated his life to living a healthy lifestyle. "Kevin Hart: What the Fit" has nearly 380 million total series content views to date. Kevin Hart & Chelsea Handler Team Up For Badminton Showdown On 'What The Fit' (Exclusive) Duration: 01:00 5/7/2020 Kevin Hart and Chelsea Handler did not come to play! 3.

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