To treat ringworm in guinea pigs, start by taking your guinea pig to the vet for evaluation and treatment options. John4216. So can guinea pigs get worms? You may also notice that your pig has difficulty breathing. Worms are very rare in guinea pigs, so you may have misdiagnosed the problem. Guinea Pigs can contract a number of parasites including mange mites, ringworm, lice and ear mites. In younger piglets worms can also cause pain and death. If they have mites though, they do need to be treated for those. Is your guinea pig’s coat looking a little patchy? All lifecycle stages cause reduced pig growth rate, due to competition for nutrients between the worms and the pig, and may cause coughing and diarrhoea. The threadworm (Strongyloides ransomi) is important in the piglet. Guinea pigs are no different to other animals although it is rare for them to get worms. Yes guinea pigs can get worms. The sow becomes the source of potential infection to piglets. Whipworms are smaller and live in the large intestine of the pig. My Guinea Pig has Worms, And he has all the symptoms: Lethargy, Worms in his stool, Swollen Abdomen, Loss of Appetite, Weight Loss (He Only weighs 2.3 pounds! This is also a common symptom of pigs that are infected with worms. Guinea Pig health check Guinea Pigs won't tell you if they are sick. View Profile View Forum Posts Private Message View Blog Entries View Articles View Gallery Uploads Cavy Slave Joined Dec 13, 2004 Location Ohio Posts 661 Thanks 28 Thanks 69 … The ringworm infection is characterized by bald patches that commonly start at the head. look in your guinea pigs stool,and see if there is worms in it.But the worms could have some from anywhere,such as fly's laying eggs in the bidding.What you need to do is disinfect the cage. Oral ivermec will take care of internal parasites, if there are any but you don't need to regularly "worm" your guinea pigs in general. You will learn how to treat pigs and piglets, whether it is possible to eat meat infected with worms. Lacking an appetite is a serious problem, so we recommend seeking …

Contrary to its name, this infection is not due to a parasitic worm, but to a microsporum species of fungus, typically the Trichophyton mentagrophytes fungus, also clinically referred to as ringworm. There are various treatments that they can prescribe to help your guinea pig. I work part time, so if you want help pm me. There are several different species of mites, however the most common one to affect guinea pigs is Trixacarus caviae, which causes mange. look in your guinea pigs stool,and see if there is worms in it.But the worms could have some from anywhere,such as fly's laying eggs in the bidding.What you need to do is disinfect the cage. However, it is quite rare for them to do so. Stupidly you often get notice about it if it is nearly too late. If they are kept in inadequate conditions and their health is unchecked and unkempt, then they can be at risk. Some parasitic infestations are transferable to humans also known as a zoonotic disease. Even reputable guinea pig medical records had very little information on the subject, causing me to dig deeper. I was told to worm him with a Wormer that I was given, It is for smaller cats and mammals that are 1.5 pounds and over. The article describes the symptoms in pigs and piglets that have wormed worms, and treatment. Affected pigs usually go off-feed, and may become dehydrated due to diarrhoea.

Gps can get worms but it is rare unless they are kept in really poor conditions. We never recommend medicines on this site, but a professional can advise you. In fact, cases of them getting worms are few and far between.
All parasites can, of course, be easily passed from one guinea pig to another in pet stores. I guess my … Maggots in cages are NOT a threat to the animal. In such cases, your pet will need to go to the vets quickly to get treated.
Any farmer can face trichinosis of pigs, as well as trichuriasis, macracanthorina and other diseases that can cause worms. The vet will probably prescribe an antifungal medication to be administered over the course of 5-6 weeks, and possibly a topical cream to treat bald patches. These parasites must all use nutrients from the host to multiply and survive. Guinea Pig Ringworm – What Is It, What Are The Symptoms And How To Treat It. ), and He has been making more noise than usual. 09-13-07, 02:19 pm #4. I've not heard of guinea pigs getting worms either. They are found in the digestive tract, the kidneys, liver, lungs or the blood stream.

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