The French graphic designer Malika Favre‘s distinct and often very sexy style has made her one of the world’s most sought-after commercial illustrators. "The brief as always was very open but also became a real challenge as soon as I started researching the subject," says Malika. Malika Favre is a French illustrator based in London. She grew up in Paris and moved to the UK to pursue illustration after graduation.

Malika Favre. The work of French artist, Malika Favre.

With the Oscars nigh, Malika Favre’s latest cover is something of a corrective. Malika Favre’s style is often described as “Pop Art meets Op Art” — optic illusions, shadows and curvy, sensual shapes precisely define what her art is. Less is definitely more.

My approach to illustration is about paring things down as much as possible. She grew up in Paris and moved to the UK to pursue illustration after graduation.

Born in France but based in London, the illustrator has found her greatest ally in chromatic combinations.

Here’s why women may be the best suited for spaceflight. A month ago, Francoise Mouly, art director for the New Yorker covers, asked illustrator Malika Favre to work on ideas for an upcoming issue about women in the tech industry. - Malika Favre Malika describes her upbringing in the Parisian suburbs as eccentric – her mum was a hippy and a keen painter (“She did lots of unicorns”) and her dad, whom she calls “an anarchist, but a non-violent one” worked with troubled kids …

Design, Layout and written content by Katie Cosgriff and Elizabeth Hunt.

Her work spans editorial, music, fashion, and any medium she can get her hands on. Magazine Starstruck. Malika Favre’s art is recognizable around the world.

All. Malika Favre, For Your Eyes Only When we set eyes on the creations of Malika Favre, it’s as if our entire imagination had been seized by a spiral of colours and patterns. Her work spans editorial, music, fashion, and any medium she can get her hands on. Malika Favre has designed several covers for the New Yorker.

Favre grew up with drawing as her foremost passion, being influenced and coached by her mother who was a painter. An in-depth analysis of illustrators Matt Sewell and Malika Favre. Fashion; Beauty; Travel; Portraits; Politics; Movies; Animals; Sexy; Geometric; Stripes; … Art direction by Human After All.

Malika Ravre is a French artist based in London. From the covers of the most important magazines, her refined, femminine pop style bleeds through exotic and sinuous lines.

Illustration students … Malika Favre has designed several covers for the New Yorker. Buy the limited edition prints here. Artist Research – Malika Favre. Get latest News Information, Articles on Malika Favre Updated on October 29, 2019 12:43 with exclusive Pictures, photos & videos on Malika Favre at

I have created a mood board on Malika Favres work, to display her style and creativity to analyse and take inspiration from. Art direction by Human After All. Illustration By Malika Favre. The article explores…” The article explores why women might be better suited for…” 15.5k Likes, 158 Comments - Malika Favre (@malikafavre) on Instagram: “So excited about finally showing this piece created for @natgeo July issue. Buy the limited edition prints here. Recounting stories and sensations, she shares her own intimately personal vision of the world. Malika’s works accompany projects of Vogue, Sephora, Le Monde, and she serves a role model for the world’s illustrators who do or just onboard vector art. Campaign image and nominated film series for the 2015 edition of the BAFTA Awards.

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