Background. Arrived in the United Kingdom 29 September 1915. Rohilla was an ocean liner, converted into a hospital ship, bound from Scotland for Dunkirk to pick up wounded men from the Flanders battlefields. 3rd Australian Auxiliary Hospital (3AAH) This hospital, located in Dartford, England, grew to 1400 beds and was for the treatment of war-related nerves and neuroses. Formed July 1915. Departed Australia 22 July 1915. 2nd Australian Auxiliary Hospital (2AAH) This hospital located at Southall, England, specialised in the fitting of artificial limbs. The loss of the ‘Rohilla’ The first hospital ship to be lost during World War I was a victim of the elements. ... His Majesty's Australian Transports [HMAT] Ships. ... Clydebuilt Ships Database] The HMAT A73 Commonwealth weighed 6,616 tons with an average cruise speed of 14 knots or 25.92 kmph. Military Guns and Ammunition. A hospital ship (HS) is designated for primary function as a medical treatment … In a vicious storm in October 1914, Mrs Mary Kezziah Roberts was shipwrecked aboard the Rohilla at Saltwick Nab, off Whitby. Society of the Military Horse 12. This unit was intended as a 500 bed general hospital for the treatment of Australians in the United Kingdom but owing to a lack of accommodation and poor AIF medical administration, it was broken up at Harefield, England October 1915 and personnel used to staff Auxiliary Hospitals. Landships WW1 Forum 11.

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