The Bloat Effect When this deals damage to an attacking player, deal 1 damage to all other players. Bloat Mode This mod adds TOTALLY NEW mode replacing greed mode. It's full of the best boss, The Bloat. The Bloat isn't that bad. He is the posthumous version of the boss Peep.

Unlike Peep, he starts with his eyes removed, as well as being fatter and having a trail of blood spilling from his empty eye sockets. Trivia The Bloat was added in the Wrath of the Lamb DLC for the original The Binding of Isaac. Bloat is a medical condition in which the stomach becomes overstretched by excessive gas content. Yes he's a tougher boss but he's not impossible. Just get behind him, when he jumps try to stay away from him towards the bottom of the screen and wait for him to jump towards you, you could also attack him from the side using diagonal shots. Corpses also bloat during decomposition due to the excessive build-up of gas-releasing bacteria. Monster Type: Boss Hit points: 4 To hit: 4+ Damage: 2 Reward +1 Treasure Souls: 1 The Bloat is a boss monster card. Author is not responsible for losing your win streak ... don't stop i will die and i died from bloat once because i encountered him once as azazel and died the worst boss is b.loat anitles B.T.A.P.T.I.T.M.A.O.E. The Bloat is a boss in the Wrath of the Lamb add-on for The Binding of Isaac and the Binding of Isaac: Rebirth remake. Flammable.

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