Quick Fact: The Australian Cattle Dog and Border Collie are both considered extremely intelligent canines. This practice, although frowned upon by breed “purists,” has resulted in healthier dogs and endless possibilities of adorable new breeds, including the Australian Collie which is the resulting mix of a purebred Australian Shepherd and a purebred Border Collie. She is from very calm bloodlines, and is well socialized… View Details Known as the Border Aussie, this clever cross is medium sized with a long, glossy coat and an expected lifespan of around 13 years. Meet Cosmo, a Australian Shepherd / Border Collie Mix dog is looking for a forever home, check out breedtips to look for more dogs for adoption.

Owner Experience - The Australian Shepherd is an okay choice for new or inexperienced owners, but the Border Collie is not recommended for new owners. Before we move on to that, …
Are you having a hard time deciding if the German Shepherd Collie mix is the one for you? Border Collie mix Westchester County, Bedford Hills, NY ID: 19-04-02-00422 Needs 並%BD' Mid-Large Sized Canine Pal 並%BD' Large, Physically Fenced Yard ・ロ「 No Young Children. I'm getting a mix puppy and want to get a crate for it's adult size, shouldn't be bigger than a standard Aussie with this mix. It weighs between 30 to 75 pounds. Mini Australian Shepherd Border Collie Mix Size and Weight.

I am the sweetest most loveable male Australian Shepherd Border Collie Mix puppy! 5 min read 1.5k. Use the tool below to compare temperament, size, personality, maintenance requirements, and everything else between Australian Shepherds and Border Collies. There can be a large price difference for Border-Aussie pups, ranging from $400 to $800, depending on the breeder. This dog looks more like the Border Collie than the Australian Shepherd. I'll use dividers to make it the proper size for the pup at 8-9 weeks (aid for housebreaking) and expand the size as the pups grows up. I was born on March 10, 2020. Lifespan: 13 years plus. Height: 14 - 18 inches at the shoulder. VIEWS. Weight: 30 - 50 lb. To put it a little more bluntly, stupid herding dogs just don’t last very long. The Border Collie German Shepherd mix’s origin. The other parent breed could cause this to vary. If you think that I would be the perfect little addition to your family, Please Call or Text us today! I love big squeezes and lots and lots of kisses! German Shepherd and Border Collie: Mix and Breed Comparison. The Border Collie Australian Shepherd mix combines two intelligent, energetic and affectionate breeds into one fun, active package. I am sure to please! They can weigh from 35 to 70 pounds (16 to 32 kg) and stand from 18 to 23 inches (46 to 58 cm) in height. Border Collie. What’s the Price of Border-Aussie Puppies? Blue Heeler Border Collie Mi. Size. Lifespan: 10-17 years. It is not surprising since both have a history of working in close concert with humans to perform complex tasks in a fast paced and dangerous environment. Generally you could expect an adult Border Collie Australian Shepherd Mix size to range anywhere between 30-50lb for a female and 35-65lb for a male. Parent Breeds. I'm on a search for my new family and maybe that could be you! Also, make sure you stop by to meet the mother dog. Quick Summary Below are a few quick comparisons between the two breeds. The Shollie has become a favorite designer dog over the last two decades. The quest for the ultimate large dog with a combination of athleticism, agility, and a protective and playful nature may have been the driving force in creating this crossbreed.. To know more about the Border Collie-German Shepherd mix, let us peek into the history … Shula is 95% Australian Shepherd with a bit of Border Collie in her lines to bump up intelligence. Mini Australian Shepherd Border Collie Mix … What size crate for an australian shepherd/border collie mix? A Border Collie tends to weigh between 30 and 50 pounds and usually stands 18 to 22 inches tall. May 5, 2020. in Breeds. Border Collie size charts. Height: 19 - 22 inches at the shoulder. Although you will also find miniature Border-Aussies, the general size of this breed is between medium to large. In rural areas, it’s not uncommon to find Border-Aussie puppies because they are popular on farms and ranches. To help you decide, we will provide information about the German Shepherd Collie mix size, temperament, and general care needs.

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