it just hangs backwards. It’s also referred to as a leg fracture. but he can heal himself.
Ask Your Own Pet Question Was this answer helpful? if he cant please consult with a pet center. This hasn't stopped him jumping, but it does hinder his movement to some degree.
Unfortunately there’s nothing you can do to help toads in this condition. You may want to confine him to a smaller breeder box that floats inside the tank to prevent him from using it too much but all you can do is wait and see. Unanswered Questions. Anurans, such as frogs are said to be incapable of regenerating joints. The damp, dark litter with an abundance of live food should encourage the frog to sit quietly until food wanders within range of the tongue. Lower back pain abdominal pain in the back of my legs and late on period; Need advice, I will answer back to your questions. The damaged frog is about six cms long, his had about 2 cms wide. Aquatic frogs are likely to have long, strong legs with webbed back feet to help them swim. Can a frog swim with one leg? The chances of splinting a limb seem very slim, so encouraging immobility by boxing the frog until it heals naturally may work best. the problem leg is the left front leg. Hobble her hind legs (if you suspect she'll try to get up without you there to watch or assist) to prevent her from doing the splits when she does Try to fails. Well it would die crutches are good for you the help when you have a brocken leg it helps by taking the pressure of the broken or injured leg so it can have a faster recovery. What is the particular type of processor model and operating system on which a computer is based called. Advice needed please about a boy, I need some help understanding! I need HELP about my DOG I suggest looking in the phonebook/online for local veterinarian offices that treat amphibians (so, look for maybe some that say large, small, and exotic pets or something). I need help with a rabbit if you can help please respond back; I am looking to travel to Thailand next month and need some advice! The vet will try what they can to help it, but at the very least/last resort, bringing the toad to the vet can help humanely end its suffering. first check whether he can able to walk little or can he move his broken legs.

After this if still does not mend then a surgery is suggested in which a tiny steel rod has to be fitted to repair the broken leg bone. Handling him will only stress him out. A range of activities may cause the condition with the chief symptom being sharp pain. take care of him. Wearing a lift in the shoe worn on the shorter leg can help reduce back pain and improve the ability to walk with a normal gait. A broken leg is a break or crack in one of the bones in your leg. Tying the legs together reduces the chances of her fracturing a leg, dislocating her hip or tearing her leg muscles. Frogs that live on land tend to have shorter legs for walking and climbing. frog's two front legs have four toes each, while the back legs have five toes each. if he is able to use his broken legs then you can give home treatments like using pain relief spray. What you can do is plaster the leg or even bandage it and keep it for eight weeks to mend on its own. Hip flexor strain can occur when the hip flexor muscles are pulled, strained, torn or injured.

Injuries such as skin abrasions should heal fairly quickly, so moving the animal to a quiet place, where it can recover and forage easily, will increase its chances of survival. so much so, that he is constantly treading on it with his rear leg.

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