Scientific Nomenclature – The Shark Naming System All organisms have a double-barreled (“binomial”) scientific name written in Latin. Note that the term “Leopard shark” can be confusing as it’s also used to refer to other shark species like the Zebra Shark (Stegostoma Fasciatum) or the Tiger Shark (Galeocerdo Cuvier). 2) Adult leopard sharks reach lengths of over 6 feet; though they average less than 5 feet in length. Leopard sharks scientific name? The species favors sand flats, mud flats, and rocky bottom areas near reef sites and kelp beds. The IUCN classifies the Leopard Shark as a Least Concern species. The scientific name for a leopard shark is Triakis. Females can produce from seven to 36 offspring, which measure 20 centimeters at birth. 2) Scientific Classification: Kingdom: Animalia 3) They come into shallow water to give birth to live young in spring. Wiki User 2009-08-28 18:26:58. Read on to learn about the leopard shark. Sink or swim Leopard sharks are well-adapted to living near the ocean floor, spending most of their time a foot or so above the bottom. semifasciata. Habitat: Leopard sharks are found in the Pacific Ocean from Oregon to Baja California including the Gulf of California. On this website we use the scientific names of sharks in our species descriptions, for the same reason that scientists do. Accordingly, the leopard shark is typically found in shallow enclosed muddy bays - usually entering as the tide rises and departing as the tide retreats. These coastal sharks are most common in extremely shallow water, usually less than 13 ft. deep. Related Questions. 1) Scientific Name. Because of their slow growth rate, late maturity, and low reproductive output, catching too many leopard sharks can cause their populations to rapidly decline. Their name comes from the large spots the cross their back and sides. The leopard shark lives in shallow waters of bays and estuaries and occasionally patrols the kelp forest, usually staying near the bottom. Most individuals only grow to about four or five feet long. Leopard Shark: Scientific Name (Genus and Shark Species) Triakis semifasciata: Family: Triakidae: Identifying Characteristics: They have long grey bodies with dark or black bars and spots on their backs and sides. Leopard sharks are a small species native only to the Pacific coast of the United States and Mexico. 1) The leopard shark is a species of houndshark, in the family Triakidae. Triakis Semifasciata. It’s rarely found in water more than 65 feet deep (19.8 m), although some have strayed as deep as 300 feet (91.4 m).

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