Skip navigation Nuclear fusion occurs and the star is "on the main sequence". Relative to other stages in a star's "life" it is extremely long; our Sun took about 20 million years to form but will spend about 10 billion years (1 × 10 10 years) as a main sequence star before evolving into a red giant.

Main sequence star. The Main Sequence: The Sun, like most stars in the Universe, is on the main sequence stage of its life, during which nuclear fusion reactions in its core fuse hydrogen into helium. This lifetime is proportional to f M / L , where f is the fraction of the total mass of the star, M , available for nuclear burning in the core and L is the average luminosity of the star during its main sequence lifetime. Star Life Cycle. Life Cycle of a Star. This heat is transported outwards toward the surface of the star through radiation and convection. When this occurs, the star will expand to become a red giant. Since stars have a limited supply of hydrogen in their cores, they have a limited lifetime as main sequence stars. Red giant. Life Cycle of Stars. For a given chemical composition and stellar age, a stars' luminosity, the total energy radiated by the star per unit time, depends only on its mass.

After burning for billions of years, a main sequence star will eventually exhaust its fuel supply as the majority of its hydrogen is converted into helium through nuclear fusion.

Our sun is an average sized star and is classed as a Main Sequence star. Life Cycle of a Star. Main sequence stars are stars, like our Sun, that fuse hydrogen atoms together to make helium atoms in their cores.

Eventually, a main sequence star burns through the hydrogen in its core, reaching the end of its life cycle. At this point in the life cycle of a star, the excess helium causes the star’s temperature to increase.

A red giant is much larger than a main sequence star. The main-sequence star is the second stage of a star. Stars are gigantic spheres of extremely hot gases, powered by thermonuclear reactions that release an immense amount of energy.
The star then becomes a main sequence star. How long it takes for a star to die depends upon its initial mass. Equilibrium. Main sequence stars like our sun have a hot, dense core where hydrogen is fused into helium. The sun in our solar system is a star and is one of many billions of stars in the universe. As one of these low mass stars runs out of hydrogen fuel in their central core, the energy that was generated from the nuclear reaction begins to slow down, this results in less outward force that is meant to counteract the weight of the outer layers of the star. What happens to smaller stars, like the sun, is much different than what happens to large stars.

It is a neutron star, the final stage of a medium-sized star's life cycle. The Main Sequence is where stars spend most of their lives. Life Cycle of Stars. Only low-mass stars with 8 solar masses or less will turn into red giants. Main sequence star. STUDY. True, becuase as it goes from Main Sequence to Red Giant, the temperature decreases. Red giant. Red super giant. The sun if an example of a main-sequence star. After billions of years as a main sequence star, the nuclear reactions will slow and the star will cool slightly, turn red, and grow. the third stage in every stars life, the star is in it's middle age, around 6 billion years old.
the third stage in every stars life, the star is in it's middle age, around 6 billion years old. Astronomers sort stars in a series of "bins" using these characteristics: temperature, mass, chemical composition, and so on. Stages in the life cycle of a main sequence star and how its mass has an affect.

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