Walking distances of 1/4 mile across uneven surfaces is necessary for the tour.

[5] Below Chester Morse Lake, the Cedar River … In 1914 the City of Seattle began building a masonry dam on the Cedar River between Rattlesnake Lake and Chester Morse Lake. This 2.5-hour bus tour includes driving through the historic townsite of Cedar Falls, walking across the Masonry Dam, seeing Chester Morse Lake, and experiencing Cedar Falls Waterfall.
Photo by Asahel Curtis, Courtesy UW Special Collections (Image No.

Large number of stumps and logs, left and center.

Masonry pool, immediately west of Chester Morse Lake, serves as an additional impoundment.

3 1/4 x 5 1/2" black and white snapshot (yellowed) The picture is of the river below the dam.

The Rex River joins the Cedar in Chester Morse Lake, as do the two forks of the Cedar River, the north and south forks. Cedar Lake Dam being built. A scenic masonry dam rises from the Reedy River, with water tumbling 12 feet onto river-wide shoals below. WWDL0518) Masonry dam, Chester Morse Lake (formerly Cedar Lake), 1920. Gatehouse, cut and wooden structures as seen from back side of masonry dam. Ecological effects:

Cedar River and penstocks from Masonry Dam below the dam during construction, Cedar Lake. Along the way, our guide will share stories and pictures that help shed light on the landscape.

The lake had been formed only three years earlier through underground seepage caused by the installation of a dam on the Cedar River. At Lake Youngs it is ozonated and exposed to ultraviolet light.

Photo by Anders Beer Wilse, Courtesy UW Special Collections (Image No. Along the way, your guide will share stories and pictures. A dirt road can be seen along the side of the hill.
Back side was curved because of the contour of the rock. In 1911, a new masonry dam was built to harness more of the river. $10 adults; $5 youth ages 10–18 and seniors age 55 and older Camp Two was built near it, and housed more than 200 men. From the Cedar River Watershed, melting snow and rain are gathered and stored in the Chester Morse Lake and the Masonry Pool reservoirs created by the Masonry Dam.

Cedar River shoreline changes from 1936 to 2002. The choice seems fairly clear as George Schneider, Water Resource Manager for SPU stated "the city might boost power production if public safety was at stake, but not simply for financial reasons."

After the water generates electricity at Cedar Falls, it is released back into the river and continues to flow downstream for 12 more miles to the Landsburg diversion dam. Taking the name Moncton, the community grew rather quickly.

The Upper Cedar River encompasses roughly 79,951 acres and runs 25 miles from Meadow Mountain near Cascade Crest (elevation 5,414 feet) to the Diversion Dam (elevation 543 feet).

Homes built at the water's edge and in the floodplain; Levees and revetments built to constrain the river and protect homes and a golf course from floods; Masonry dam impounded floodwaters to reduce peak flows and protect homes. This was to generate electric power for the City. It is screened, chlorinated, and fluoridated before being sent to Lake Youngs. Dam construction, Cedar River realignment project, Black River, ca. BACKGROUND: Since 1901, Seattle has diverted water from the Cedar River at Landsburg. In 1914, the concrete Masonry Dam was completed.

The Cedar River then flows downstream 12 miles to the Landsburg Diversion Dam (river mile 21.9) which was originally built in 1901.

Right in Town.

Located at Cedar Lake.

Cedar Falls . 1899. At the left of the river is much debris and downed logs.

The Cedar River may long have been the wellspring of Seattle's early growth. From the Cedar River Watershed, melting snow and rain drain to the Chester Morse Lake and the Masonry Pool reservoirs created by the Masonry Dam.

The 2.5-hour tour includes driving through the historic townsite of Cedar Falls, walking across Masonry Dam, and seeing Chester Morse Lake. Seniors 55+ and Youth 10-18 Waterfalls and tumbling cascades grace Cedar Falls State Park in Simpsonville.

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