The county is authorized to hold a licensed dog for up to 14 days after mailing a notice of its capture to the owner.

Unlicensed dogs may be destroyed or adopted out after being held for 3 days. Learn more about breed-specific legislation in our BSL FAQ. It is the purpose of the Commissioners Court of Montgomery County … Montgomery County dog warden Mark Kumpf with pit bull advocate Jane Berkey, who helped Kumpf to undo the Ohio law recognizing pit bulls as inherently “vicious” dogs. Ohio law requires dogs over 3 months of age to be licensed. HISTORY: GC § 5652-14b; 112 v 347; Bureau of Code Revision. These rules are promulgated pursuant to and in conformity with statutory authority granted to the Montgomery County Commissioners Court pursuant to Chapters 822 and 826 of the Texas Health & Safety Code. License programs are administered by county auditors; license fees are set by the commissioners according to … No county dog warden shall willfully fail to perform his duties under section 955.12 of the Revised Code or other duties required of dog wardens.

Please report updates to this page here: . Montgomery County residents can dispose of old appliances such as refrigerators, air conditioners, water heaters, or stoves -- free of charge. -Rules and regulations are posted … January 2017) SECTION I. After the waiting period, dogs are evaluated for adoption, released to a reputable rescue group, or euthanized. License renewals are due between December 1-January 20; new licenses must be obtained within 30 days of arrival in the county or when a puppy reaches the age of three months. Montgomery County Environmental Services will host Appliance Amnesty Weekend, June 4-6. -Handicap access. -Includes canine agility equipment. Ohio law requires dogs to be licensed in the county of residence and to under the control of the owner at all times. -Park hours mirror regular Montgomery County Park hours: dawn to dusk. 955.24 Prohibition against hindering the capture of an unregistered dog. Eff 10-1-53. AUTHORITY AND PURPOSE. Dangerous dog … Ohio breed-specific laws :: Ohio cities and counties with breed-specific laws. -A current dog license is required to use the park. ANIMAL RESTRAINT ORDINANCE (rev. Montgomery County Bark Park Specifics The Bark Park is located at 6794 Webster St. at the corner of Webster St. and Wyse Rd.


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