When people get nostalgic, they are living in the past. When we feel this way, we constantly try to recreate those years. And, because this is an emerging area of study, the negative effects of nostalgia—if there are any—have yet to be uncovered. Intriguingly, most states of nostalgia are triggered by negative emotions such as loneliness, concerns about death, and even boredom. 2008), and increases prosocial behaviour (Stephan et al. I think most people have a pretty normal and healthy form of nostalgia, where they long for a time when their lives were simpler but understand that those “good old days” had their bad points too.

Unlike personal nostalgia, someone who experiences historical nostalgia might have a more cynical perspective of the world, one colored by pain, trauma, regret or adverse childhood experiences. However, studies show nostalgia can increase feelings of social connectedness and enhance meaning in our lives. And so, nostalgia has moved away from being a term used to describe an unequivocally negative emotion, to one that is more nuanced: nostalgia as we know it … It may seem unsurprising therefore, that nostalgia fosters social connectedness (Juhl et al.

Nostalgia has the power to make us believe our lives peaked during this time.

Nostalgia might have differential effects on other, non-social-loss related negative emotions like anxiety or disgust. Among these measurable effects, nostalgia is shown to be both a driver of empathy and social connectedness, and a potent internal antidote for loneliness and alienation. Subsequent examinations may benefit from a consideration of the effect of nostalgia on these non-social emotions. “Peopling one's mind” may only introduce some positivity to negative experiences when the negative experiences are specifically social. Nostalgia is the recollection of a fond memory, influencing individuals to look back at memories through a rose-tinted sense of positivity (Hepper et al., 2012). Zengel’s research hinges on personal memories, the essential building blocks of nostalgia. Sure, we have jobs now, we don’t have summer breaks or long Christmas vacations, and we pay bills and are starting to think about contributing to a 401k. Nostalgia can have a positive influence on your outlook. But she hasn’t uncovered a trend toward an increase. 2010), reduces loneliness (Zhou et al.

2014). In those moments, the past seems rosy, and often as more positive than the present.

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