Once they have matured to a juvenile, you can introduce mealworms, larger crickets and roaches. As a sling, you should feed your P. metallica Drosophila hydei, small roaches or a pinhead once a week. However it decides it doesn't want to leave the vial! As Poecilotheria metallicas are photosensitive, you …

Please … I hope you enjoy! Today I rehouse my #poecilotheriametallica sling. What do I do???

Habitat: India’s seasonal cycle includes three main phases: the cool, dry winter from October to March; the hot, dry summer from April to June; and the southwest monsoon season of warm, torrential rains from mid-June to September.India’s winter season brings cold temperatures to the mountain slopes and northern plains; temperatures in the Thar Desert reach freezing at night.

Peocilotheria metallica is considered one of the most beautiful tarantulas in the world, combining the intricate patterning of other Poecilotheria species with a metallic blue sheen. US Poecilotheria Metallica sling. Thread starter JS31; Start date Today at 10:36 AM; Today at 10:36 AM #1 JS31 New Member. Poecilotheria metallica goes by a variety of different common names; the Gooty Ornamental, Gooty Sapphire, and Peacock Parachute Spider to name just three.

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