Trader Joe's Tinned Tuna Class Action Lawsuit.

Cal.) 16-1371 (C.D.

According to the complaint, government testing found that 5 oz.

SETTLEMENT [99] I. In fact, all twenty-four cans in this test were found to be in violation of the standard minimum fill.

Santa Clara, CA: Trader Joe' is facing a federal consumer fraud class action lawsuit alleging the store-brand tuna is underfilled.

(The complaints allege that the average weight of the tuna is less than 3 ounces.) Our business, as usual, is bringing you great values on delicious products, every day.
Trader Joe’s has been hit with a proposed class action claiming that it under filled its store-brand canned tuna. This isn’t … of the product. Out of a sample of twenty-four cans, the average actual amount of pressed cake tuna was 2.61 ounces.

And while we’re not doing “business as usual” at Trader Joe’s, we are still doing business. A California federal court has rejected a settlement agreement between Trader Joe’s and consumers who alleged that the store’s tuna cans contained too much slack fill. INTRODUCTION Plaintiff Atzimba Reyes, on behalf of hersel f and others similarly situated, alleges that Defendants, Trader Joe’s Company and Trader Joe’s East, Inc. (collectively, “Defendants”), underfilled certain 5-ounce canned tuna products.

Ocean Safe Products: Trader Joe’s brand skipjack tuna. (In Re Trader Joe’s Tuna Litigation, Case No.
January 8 2016 - by Lucy Campbell. Find out if you qualify. 16-cv-1371, C. D. In re Trader Joe’s Tuna Litig., No. Cal., entered April 1, 2019). In this Fear-less Flyer, we’re doing exactly that. cans of Trader Joe’s tuna only contained 3 oz. The retailer’s previously taken action to improve its canned tuna, but years later it appears to have stalled out. "Trader Joe’s operates hundreds of stores nationwide. One test assessed the five-ounce Trader Joe’s Albacore Tuna in Water Salt Added canned variety. This is 19.2% below the federally mandated minimum 3.23 ounces for these particular cans.

If you purchased Trader Joe's canned tuna in the past eight years, you could get cash from a $1.3 million class action settlement. January – February 2016: Two class-action lawsuits were filed against Trader Joe’s for allegedly underfilling five-ounce cans of tuna, in violation of federal standards.

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