! Everyone has heard of "debbie downer" & "positive polly". As if I we're calling a guy "stop being such a debbie downer" but in male form. Positive Polly and Debbie Downer are fake names used to give a memorable (alliterative) name to two personality types.

Debbie Downer in Community Dictionary Etymology: from Saturday Night Live character Debbie Downer, played by Rachel DratchFunction: Noun1.

UPVOTE. I swear, all of our jaws dropped. I'm American - no Debbie Downer for me, either. ... What's trending Etymology: From the Saturday Night Live character Debbie Downer, played by Rachel Dratch Function: Noun 1. a: a person who says something terribly depressing (a downer), typically only tangentially related to the present circumstance or topic of conversation, and thereby destroys the positive atmosphere.

Someone whose presence ensures that no one will have a good time. 5 Ways To Deal With The Office Debbie Downer ... For example, if Debbie Downer starts talking about how bad things are, the response is “Hey, what’s the lunch special today?” We parents know it works with kids, and there is a good chance it will work with Debbie Downer, as well. 3 signs you’re the office “Debbie Downer ... At work if you’re the “Debbie Downer” you’re like a dark cloud over an otherwise happy and enthused team. What does debbie downer mean? Whats the difference between a Negative Nancy and a Debbie Downer? Debbie Downer The character's name is a slang phrase which refers to someone who frequently adds bad news and negative feelings to a gathering, thus bringing down the mood of everyone around them. I think they even have a character for him on Family Guy. Sadly this is not my first time in the band of womp-womps. If you have any cool ones like that please let me know!

Chat at 1. You’re always going to come across at least one of these people!

I didn’t know how to deal with it, so I went to my mom for …

As if I we're calling a guy "stop being such a debbie downer" but in male form. DOWNVOTE. a: an individual who claims one thing awfully depressing (a downer), usually only tangentially pertaining to the current scenario or topic of discussion, and thereby damages the positive environment. Well I need to think of new ones that would suit for a guy. Whether it’s a boss, neighbor or co-worker, interacting with a Debbie Downer always leaves you feeling negative or drained. – Feeling Like Quite ... so she gets some benefit of the doubt. UPVOTE. See more words with the same meaning: miscellaneous insults (list of) . Dratch's character would usually appear at social gatherings and interrupt the conversation to voice negative opinions and pronouncements.

I was having a good time until you started talking about death. 0. Yes I'm going to helll for thinking this is funny, and even more so because I just made it up!

My friends and I were all talking and having a good laugh when this guy comes in and says, "Did you guys hear about that girl that got raped on the news?" Debbie Downers are everywhere! And I think Joe Six Pack is a stereotype of an average blue-collar American who punches a time clock and comes home to … Why do you always have to be Debbie Downer ? It’s sad, but they’re completely unavoidable. I need a creative one though, my friend came up with 'Charismatic Carl'. This one is ... or if there's a way to squash these downer feelings and get the spark back that I'm just not seeing. What did you call 47 upset chromosomes?

Definition of debbie downer in the Definitions.net dictionary. You also dislike the things you can't control on life, and that's mostly what you are negative about. Chances are you have someone in your life who is difficult. She's a person with an incessant need to bring down the collective mood and general ambience of a group-chill. Wurp is 1920s slang for a killjoy or a wet blanket. A downer with a frowner. Whenever we were out on family outings or things like that, he would put a damper on the whole thing and leave me feeling totally worthless. Someone whose presence ensures that no one will have a good time. Antonyms for Debbie Downer include Pollyanna, ray of sunshine, optimist, romantic, visionary, idealist, utopian, dreamer and hoper. 0. While a downer has been used to refer to a “depressing person” since at least the 1970s, the name Debbie Downer was popularized by a hit Saturday Night Live sketch starring Rachel Dratch, who played a character named Debbie Downer.This character consistently ruins a group’s fun by sharing unsolicited sad remarks.

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