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Fur buyers paid Alaska trappers more than a million dollars for marten alone in the 2005-06 season. The marten lives in mature coniferous or mixed forests in Alaska and Canada, the Pacific Northwest of the United States and south into Northern New England and through the Rocky Mountains and Sierra Nevada.Small groups of martens live in the Midwest in Minnesota and Wisconsin.Trapping and destruction of forest habitat have reduced its numbers, but it is still much more abundant than the … The Marten (Martes americana) is a carnivorous, furbearing relative of the mink. 36(1):32-41) and found the set to be very good for taking marten in southeast Alaska. Martens were trapped for their fur and were extirpated from the lower Great Lakes region in 1925 (De Vos, 1964). In the Middle Ages, marten pelts were highly valued goods used as a form of payment in Slavonia, the Croatian Littoral, and Dalmatia. The fur is called sable. The marten tend to be yellowish-orange in color, and not the dark brown of the American marten (Martes americana) found on the mainland and other islands in Southeast Alaska.

What is a female pine marten called?
Differing in size and coloration according to species, they have lithe slender bodies, short legs, rounded ears, bushy tails, and soft thick coats that are valuable in the fur trade. They include the wolverine, fisher, river otter, sea otter, marten, short tailed weasel, least weasel, and the mink. The most commonly eaten food is the redbacked vole, meadow mice and white footed mice. Marten hotspots include the forests of Alaska and Canada, as well as northeastern U.S. states like Maine, New Hampshire and New York, and Rocky Mountain states like Montana, Idaho, Wyoming and Utah. Martens depend heavily on meadow voles and red-backed voles or mice, which are their primary food source over much of Alaska. Get the latest Alaska news, featuring national security, science and the courts. Alaska State Parks Marten Cabin. Martin is on the Board of Directors of the Blood Bank of Alaska and has donated over 11 gallons of blood! Marten are substantially larger than most mink and other weasel-like relatives. Make it easy for the marten to locate the set by appealing to the marten's senses of smell and sight. A few years ago a couple of trappers from Maine introduced me to a different way of catching marten. The American Marten (or Pine Marten) is a medium sized member of the weasel family found from Alaska, down the western mountain ranges, across Canada and into northern New England. Marten. Martens have sharp, non-retractable claws which they use for climbing as well as for holding their prey. This cabin has a combination lock on the door. The American marten (Martes americana) is a carnivorous, furbearing member of the weasel family. Read breaking news headlines from across the state. The marten is known for having weasel-like characteristics, a long, bushy tail and thick, yellowish to dark brown fur that is valuable in the fur trade.
Marten pelts make exceptionally fine fur hats — lightweight, soft, extremely warm and reasonably durable. Get the latest Alaska news, featuring national security, science and the courts. The female pine marten will give birth to 1 to 5 babies and the babies are called kits.

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