If this is the case, however, why are female giraffes’ necks also long? Why does the giraffe have a long neck? The idea that the Giraffe got it's long neck due to food shortages in the lower reaches of trees seems like a no brainer.

why giraffe has a long neck read by 5 year old Arvika children's story book Level 1 Read it yourself Lady bird story time fun learning let's read together. Next Riddle. YES NO . Their cervical (neck) vertebrae have actually just extended in length, instead of adding more bones into the anatomy. That is why giraffes have a long lifespan among ruminants. Strong and prehensile tongue A giraffe has up to 18-inch long prehensile tongue, which can twist, wrap around and can grasp things. All the giraffes thought this was normal-and it was at that time…But here is the story about how giraffes got long necks… Beyond that, opinions differ. Grandad Charlie tells Sam a story … The giraffe is the tallest land mammal alive, its long legs and neck contributing to its impressive stature. Many, many years ago, Giraffe had short legs and a stumpy neck. Answer The short answer is that one way or another, having a long neck became an advantage for survival. Sam, a young tortoise, wishes he had a longer neck to reach the nicest leaves. He tugged as hard as he could but he couldn’t move, his neck merely grew longer and longer. The more likely reason a giraffe has a long neck is not so it can reach high leaves; this is consequential and secondary to the primary evolutionary driving force. The other animals, try to help by pulling her legs. A small number of genes, 70 to be exact, over the past 11 or 12 million years have evolved to create the animal with the long neck that we know and love. Why the Giraffe has a long neck Once upon a time in the African Savannah there lived a beautiful giraffe named Jeremy. It was called Competitive Advantage.

Animation describing how and why giraffes have developed such long necks. Prunes are my absolute favourite fruit.
Hint: Because their feet smell! It sounds like a tale by Rudyard Kipling, but researchers delving into giraffe genetics say they have discovered new insights into how the creature got its long neck and gangly frame.

Darwin vs. Lamarck.

It was called Competitive Advantage. Why is a giraffe's neck so long? Long necks come at a cost. There are only seven vertebrae in mammal necks, meaning that the giraffe has vertebrae that are nearly a foot long each! Long,Long,Long ago giraffe's had short necks and this story will tell how giraffe's got long necks.

The giraffe evolved from an animal which was a dog sized horse type of animal.They were prey to carnivores and so ran away when being pursued. Show Answer.

Males can be up to 18ft (5.5m tall), females a little less. She finds a honeycomb in the hollow of a tree and sticks he head in for a long slurp. Solved: 38%. I noticed you're eating a prune. With Isabella Cascarano, Flaminia Cinque, Fabien Gravillon. Imagine being able to peer into a second-story window without needing to stand on your tiptoes. Sauropod dinosaurs trump them easily: the dinosaur Mamenchisaurus, for instance, had a neck over 9 metres long, four times the longest of giraffe necks.

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