Gouldian Finches are incompatible with Gouldian Finches with a different head color and mating with a Gouldian Finch with the wrong head color (black-head with red-head etc.)
This would be a true tragedy indeed if one day the already endangered wild population of Gouldian finches should become extinct, outlived only by their captive cousins who are dependent on the intervention of fostering to keep the entire species from going the same way as the Dodo. The Gouldian finch is a brightly colored, endangered bird from northern Australia. It occurs naturally in a variety of striking colors, and is generally differentiated in name by the color of the head. The impressive colour of its plumage appealed to bird enthusiasts and hence large number of them were trapped in the wild for the local and international bird trade up until the early 1980s. Gouldian Finch (Lady Gouldian) Spanish Name.

"We did an assessment on it last term and I got to learn a lot about the endangered species and how their habitat is being destroyed." Also known as Lady Gouldian finches, these little birds were named for the wife of explorer John Gould.

Exports from Australia have been banned since 1960. It is not just splendid colors that make the this bird stand out but also the bold pattern and improbable design of the plumage. The Gouldian Finch is perhaps the most beautiful small bird in the world. The Gouldian Finch is the only grassfinch that nests exclusively in tree hollows or holes in termite mounds. The Gouldian finch is a brightly colored, endangered bird from northern Australia.
The conservation status of Gouldian Finches changed to endangered in 1988, as their numbers in the wild have declined rapidly for more than two decades. Erythrura g ouldiae .

Endangered species: scientist discovers the cause of the decline of the technicolour Gouldian finch. Wild Lady Gouldians are considered endangered, as populations are declining. Research of wild Gouldian Finches suggest that red-headed Gouldians are more dominant/aggressive than black-headed Gouldian finches. The primary threat to the survival of the Gouldian Finch is altered fire regimes – especially an increase in extensive, hot wildfires in the late dry season. The Lady Gouldian resides in the tropical parts of northern Australia. Gouldian Finches are Australia's most spectacularly coloured grassfinches, and are perhaps the most spectacularly coloured of all Australian birds. Interestingly, the bird also comes in three color variants. Regardless of the mutation you choose, all are fairly easy to sex. Judit co-authored The Action Plan for Australian Birds, an assessment of threats facing species in 2011. Origins. There are only really two seasonal climates in the Gouldian finches’ natural habitat and they are known as the “wet” and “dry” seasons. One of the world's most colourful birds has been rapidly disappearing from across … Sharing your life with Gouldian finches lets you admire their beauty, energy and still-untamed alertness up close. They are currently endangered in the wild due to loss of natural habitat as well as an infestation of air sac mites in the wild.

Although trapping for the avicultural trade took many Gouldians from the wild this trapping was halted in the 1970's. Even though the Gouldian is one of the most frequently bred finches in the world it remains as an endangered species in the wild. usually has fatal results for the chicks — female chicks especially will die, while male chicks have a better chance of survival. As a result of these findings, the authorities of the Northern Territory have initiated the science research focused on finding the reasons behind this decrease of population. The facial colour is usually black, and is found in about 75% of the birds. But it’s also a very rare bird in another way. The Gouldian finch, also referred to as the Lady Gouldian finch and the rainbow finch, is prized primarily for its gorgeous plumage. The Gouldian finch is named after Lady Elizabeth Gould, the late wife of English ornithologist, John Gould, who described the finch as the most most beautiful finch in the world. Identification. Latin Name.

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