Why space missions are worth the money and the risk. Exploration is about observation, the first step of the scientific process. The intangible desire to explore and challenge the boundaries of what we know and where we have been has provided benefits to our … And perhaps, as space becomes more commercialized and easier to access, the space community can take lessons … Human Space Exploration. There are more practical reasons for space exploration, but one of the principle reasons we must continue is that we’re explorers. For The Future Of Humanity, Should We Be Exploring Space Or ... that we know more about our oceans here on Earth than ... whether it was more worthwhile to explore our oceans or space. Considering that we don't know how big space is (or even if there's just one universe), we can say with reasonable certainty that we probably know more about the ocean than we do about the cosmos.. Humans are driven to explore the unknown, discover new worlds, push the boundaries of our scientific and technical limits, and then push further. NASA [National Aeronautics and Space Administration], together with their constituents, have paved the way into 21 st Century technology and living across our nation and with all of this money invested into space exploration, one has to wonder why we are spending so much in space when we could invest into ocean exploration. Share. Through ocean exploration, we can establish the baseline information needed to better understand environmental change, ... Office of Ocean Exploration and Research is the only federal organization currently dedicated to exploring our unknown ocean. We still can’t access the farthest reaches of the ocean and creatures that live at great depths don’t always survive once they make it to land. For some, the irony is almost too much to bear. 10 reasons we should be exploring space. Topics Science & Tech. As an ocean community, we should continue to talk about the importance of issues such as conservation and protection, but to reach a broader audience there are lessons we can learn from the space community. Many people do not know about our oceans, however more discoveries are being discovered in our solar system rather than our own oceans ,where we can reach much more easier than spending more money to go into space. Why We Explore. We should take these to heart and turn the tide on ocean communication.

While we COULD live in the oceans, we would still be limited by resources. We have now mapped 100% of our oceans to a resolution of 5km, which isn’t that good compared to our 100 meter radar map of Venus. The ocean is our resource on earth ,and it is time to explore more then our own meanings. On this website, you can learn more about who we are and what we do. And, most of our knowledge of the ocean lies in shallower waters. The short answer is that, we can see through space. Why We Must Explore the Sea ... We filled in holes in publicly available bathymetry, ... where the ocean covers more than 80 percent of the area and where few explorers have ever been. Because space is endless. While Congress is eager to fund a $2 billion expedition to search for oceans beneath Europa, some 95% of Earth's oceans are unexplored. Humanity's interest in the heavens has been universal and enduring. Metals, food, pollution and even living space are all limited to the one planet. Deeper waters remain a mystery even though we are relying more and more on these areas for food, energy, and other resources.
Russell explores why over 500 people have been to space but only three have been to the bottom of the ocean.
We agree with this view that exploration is simply the inductive first step towards more formal deductive science, which brings us to first reason why we should explore: 1. It is the Final Frontier. We should be exploring the oceans as seriously as we explore space. Despite the fact that the ocean plays a role in everything from the air we breathe to daily weather and climate patterns, we know very little about our ocean. But so far, exploring the ocean in the same way we’ve explored space has been a challenge.

But don't click away yet, because that doesn't really get to the point at hand: Our knowledge of the ocean -- when compared to our knowledge of the space we know and can explore -- is shockingly thin. Earth. Elisabetta Intini 23rd June 2015. And, unlike the vivid images of other planets that have captured our imaginations, life deep below the surface can appear dark and unexciting.

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