Livraison très rapide en 24 heures chrono. Barrel has approximately 95% original blue with a small area of pits. Profitez de nos nombreuses offres spéciales sur les cartouches à balle 30 30 winchester. "Winchester Model 94" For Sale. WINCHESTER Carabine à levier de sous garde. I am selling this one on consignment and as such lay-a-way can’t be used. The Dominion .30-30 labeling also proved more popular than Winchester’s .30 WCF designation and in 1946, Winchester changed the cartridge designation to the .30-30 Winchester. It has a steel butt and 20in barrel.

The rear sight is a factory installed peep sight. Win. Manufactured by the Winchester repeating arms co New Haven Conn. USA stamped top of barrel. It's marked "30 - 30". Also, there is no rifle called the Winchester Model 30–30. The lightweight and fast handling Model 94 delivers reliable, rapid fire with cartridges powerful enough for deer, bear, and hogs.

Price Match (2) Winchester 535218212 Model 70 Super $ 1,354.00. The feature I'm looking for is the "Winchester" logo marked on the upper tang of the receiver.

Receiver has a gray patina. Winchester 94 .30 WCF (W10510) $2,150.00 $1,827.50. 30 WCF (30-30). It does of course have the standard 3-day inspection. Winchester Model 94 (Pre-64) - .30-30 Winchester BuyItNow! winchester 94 30-30 for sale and auction. $849.99: 0 $849.99 $1,199.99: 13h 32m: 17079008. I've certainly fired 30-30 rounds through it. I've aways thought this was a 30-30, but just noticed the barrel marking says .30 W.C.F. What is value of a Winchester model 94 30-30? '94 marked '30 W.C.F." Modèle 94 Short Rifle. A few good reasons to own a Model 94 Winchester. Here's a link to the imgur album if the images aren't showing up: imgur album Any help identifying this old girl will be appreciated Jon. Item. Winchester 94 in 30 WCF 30-30 made in 1942 Description: This is a 1942 made Winchester 94 in 30 WCF (or 30-30). Manufactured 1927.

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There are a number of good reasons that the Model 94 Winchester is still a solid choice for big game hunting.

The Markings are all Clear and Sharp. Then, in 1893 he presented to Winchester a model that was a perfect match for the new 30-30 smokeless cartridge, ushering in a new era in firearms development. Saddle ring carbine made in 1931. Cal.30-30 win Canon de 20" (50.8cm) Crosse anglaise grade 1. Reserve. This gun was given to me by father for my first deer hunting gun. I have a Winchester Model 94, vintage 1951.

Sights include a Marbles Tang Sight.

Munitions à balle de calibre winchester 30 30, nombreux type d'ogives disponibles. Winchester 94 in 30 WCF 30-30 made in 1942 Description: This is a 1942 made Winchester 94 in 30 WCF (or 30-30).

Value & Price of Win Model 94's What makes one Winchester in good condition worth more than other ones? This is a great saddle ring carbine. ... Winchester XPR Vortex 30-30 Winchester Bolt 22in 3+1 $ 588.00. For example, I bought a Winchester flat band .30 W.C.F.

To a great extent, the compact and lightweight lever action rifles produced by Winchester and Marlin outweighed any short comings of the .30-30 cartridge. No Reserve. Wiki User 2013-05-03 11:21:33. Winchester Model 94 Lever Action "Big Bore" rifle excellent condition - .375 Winchester BuyItNow! This Winchester Model 94 is a lever-action rifle chambered in 30 WCF.

Made in 1926. Thanks! The barrel and frame have approximately 85% bluing with some patina. … It has a steel butt and 20in barrel. I am selling this one on consignment and as such lay-a-way can’t be used. The traditional Western styling features a … The Grand Old .30 WCF by Jeff Quinn. And when someone says, "30-30" it's usually the Model 94 that comes to mind, even though many other guns including bolt action rifles, single shot rifles, and several types of handguns have been made in this caliber.

photography by Jeff Quinn November 17th, 2004 In just a few months from this writing, it will have been 110 years since Winchester introduced what would become the most popular American deer hunting cartridge of all time; the .30 Winchester Center Fire (WCF), later to become better known as the .30-30 Winchester. The Winchester® Model 94 Lever-Action Rifle is one of the most proven hunting rifles ever made. I have a Winchester Model 94 serial #130384 30 WCF. The Winchester Model 94 in the serial number range provided is Winchester's Model 1894 lever-action carbine made between 1940-1964 and chambered for.30-30,.32-40,.38-55,.25-35 Winchester, and the.32 Winchester Special. The action works great. Full Length Magazine Tube. Is the .30 W.C.F. Winchester win mod 94 32spl 1/2 round 1/2 oct take down full magazine very very rare exc cond exc bore 75% blue - .22 LR $1,700.00: 0 $1,700.00 1d 11h 18m Carcasse en aluminium finition bronzé Visée traditionnelle hausse et guidon Poids: 3.1 kg Magasin tubulaire 7 coups + 1 Is the .30 W.C.F.

I have a Winchester Model 94, vintage 1951. I have a Win. (Winchester Center Fire) the same as 30-30. or am I using this with the wrong ammunition?

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